Friday, December 14, 2012

What Really Turns Me On...

The real fact of the matter is... Writing this article for you to read. Turns Me On!
Here a story...
       ONCE UPON A TIME, in a town in Tennessee called Da Durtee Boro, our writer OG REKA , a Super BBW, ventures to Whiskey Dix with her daughter. In the midst of this she comes face to face with a figment of her imaginary past. A Man She Used to Be Intimate with. Heres the scenerio, Home alone and not turned on...Everything was in place for a perfect One Nighter after the club but there was a key element missing.

I did not want to!
As a matter of fact,  it was simply  because he had no Idea How to turn me on. Terrible right, I think so. I mean if you are as aged (like wine), as I am surely you know what buttons to attempt to push and how to go about doing it, as he issues out a swift hard smack on my ass. You see ass smacking initially went out with me in 2003(@ordidit? chuckle chuckle)

Lets address some key turn ons for Making Love to a BBW like ME.
1.Breakfast, damn a sandwich makes the Love making process easier to achieve.
2.A bedroom which I can find the bed in, not one disguised by last months laundry
3.A Bath -I should never have to explain this one
 and finally
4. You have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that  it is worth our souls time to Be Turned on by each other!

It may seem like I am ripping this brother to pieces but really Im not, but he should be. Ladies, if a Man is struggling to turn you on either he doesn't want to put in the effort required, hes way to drunk or he has NO skills.All Pretty good reasons to get in the car with your daughter instead of the throwback partner.

I now know that as a younger woman I condoned this behavior,meaning I had no idea how to Make Love to Myself (in concept) because I tolerated him and the skills I cant believe he does not have. I must have been too trashed. Alcohol and Raw Sensuality are powerful tools in the hands of the unlearned!

Now that I have completed this article, I am Truly TURNED ON!

 A story about dissapointment brought to you in part by
Cut Buddies of the Early 2000's , ITS OVER WE GROWN FOLKS WIT IT NOW!