Saturday, May 11, 2013

Email Sex...

As promised...
I am going to start my Series on Replies to The Craigslist Personals. I will leave out Viable information like real names and emails. So that no one gets upset or so Their Wife wont find out they have been in the Pursuit of Making Love to a BBW!

Lets us begin with a reply I like to call "The Judge's Reality Check" 
 I found the reply quite Amusing...

The Craigslist posting title was: AABBW SEEK GANSTA RAPPER HUSBAND for Eternal Booty Call
I know I said I was not going to put viable information but he deserves this...

You seem to be really intelligent sister, However you need to grow up
37 ain't the new 20 Boo.
And I kindly replied him with this...

AS I STATED...I DO NOT JUDGE YET SO MANY OTHERS DO...but something drew your attention...WHICH IS WHAT TRUE MARKETING IS...GETTING THE ATTENTION OF YOUR TARGET MARKET...which you are not mine....however;
I absolutely Love when Men like you, who obviously have the Keys to the Universe, take it upon yourselves to depict how a WOMAN SHOULD FEEL. I can' t help that you have an age complex. Last I checked,  SnoopLion  amongst other Entertainers, ie LLCoolJ, are still creating raving fans, and LIVING A RAP STAR LIFESTYLE... being as I run in the Independent Musicians circles I can be as youthful as I like because many rappers who are making real hits not that commercial garbage are over 30.. I cant really say much for your attitude because you have taken time out of your schedule to read my posting, shouldn't there be something an intelligent MATURE MAN LIKE YOU COULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW BESIDES ATTEMPTING TO DESTROY MY JOY...I mean why take the time to write me? I THINK ITS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT FIT WHAT I was seeking and you feel inadequate so you lash out at me as a way to justify the hurt you feel inside. BUT REMEMBER I DONT JUDGE, ILL LEAVE THAT UP TO YOU...

He Never Wrote Back...# chucklechuckle

NEXT! I call this one "The Archers Bow"

Keep in mind, each craigslist posting has a set of rules.
1. Include your astrological sing in the subject line and 2. enclose a picture (not of the Penis!)

 Subject: Sagittarius
> Hey there queen, (Good Job Team!)
> I am a 33 year old BM who resides in #!@#%. I am 5'10 with an athletic body. I enjoy music (r&b, jazz, neo-soul, gospel mainly), sports (basketball which I play pick-up games 2 to 3 times a week, football, track, and boxing), relaxing at home (playing a game (board, computer, cards, etc), and scenic places (parks, botanical gardens, etc). I am a very optimistic person who enjoys life.
> I am looking for a special friend. I miss the excitement of looking forward to hearing from that special one. The touch of a special female when we are near. The laughter. The affection. The romance. I am looking for attention, affection, and companionship. I am just a simple laid back person that loves to laugh and enjoy life. If you are interested send me a picture.
> I am:
> -Affectionate
> -Romantic
> -Laid Back
> -Optimistic (almost to a fault of being blindly optimistic)
> -Sincere
> -Genuine
> -Love being outdoors but can appreciate being indoors
> -Giving
> -Someone who will always tell you how I feel (always with tact though).
> -Someone who will appreciate you

> I hope that my email finds you in good spirits and I look forward to chatting with you and maybe making a connection with you. :-)

Before I move forward. I will ad in Commentary from inside my head in red!

Now let me ask The Ladies something? How would you have responded?

I did this...
Morning Majesty,

 Well, it was completely refreshing to read the reply. Thank you for all of the details. I provide just as much information to a man interested in connecting with me. Therefore if you would truly want to know more about me then follow this link and really find out if I am the woman you intend to pursue.


(Kinda boring Right... I wanted to see what he was talking about...)

and he came back with....

Sagittarius: Did you get my reply?
Me:SO I Take it you have not looked at the page with my pic

Yes I looked at the page. I just wanted you to send me a full body pic. I hope you enjoyed my pic.

(he really wanted to say...Let me see Dat Azz!)
Me:Dear Sag, I know exactly what you want. But you seem to miss my point. There is a full body pic of me on the site and a video so..... No Matter. Its all lovely and Cookies over here. Be Full of Love and it will Find You Too!


Sagittarius:You are absolutely correct queen. You are a beautiful woman indeed. What are your thoughts about my pics?

(That's What I thought! I am Correct!)

Me:Well , I absolutely adore the one where you are smiling, My mouth is watering from the 1st one, and the other says You mean Business. I can dig it!

I am glad you enjoyed the pics. I may can teach you how to love a thin guy. :). I am feeling your style and I am very interested. I am a big jokester and I love to have fun. I am a self employed tutor so I am about my business. Who knows, you may be my business soon. (wink). You can go ahead and pull your ad. Mrfeelright/mrisright/mrcanloveyouallnight is here. :)

(Did I say That I enjoyed the Pics on The Low Low?)


Keep In mind, I stopped here because this was just an example of how To Make Love to a BBW through E-Mail. I Love IT!

Write to me AND Imma Write to You
 Note: if you are seeking to Make Love to An Intelligent BBW, Read, Comment  and Write Often, I'm Just Saying...

Oh and it Saturday and I need a drink or 10!
DRANK of the Day!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

The late night Quickie...

This is just a Late-Night Quickie posting for some of those who truly enjoy Making Love to A BBW in the wee hours...
How does a BBW choose Her Mr Right?
by posting a craigslist ad much like this one...
Or she can ask her Pastor for a suggestion...

Of Course Craigslist deleted My posting but they left the one up about the Teenage Girl lookalike wanting to find her Sugar Daddy! bastards!
So heres the posting..

The Picture is not me but She is real? How does that make you feel?
Moving forward to my posting for LTR
So you are coming across this ad strictly because you saw the inclusion of the word SEX! And thats ok with me, I purposely put it in there because It is exactly what I want. With My Numero Uno. Hell Yeah I'm looking for Sex with no Strings Attached because Strings arent Strong enough I want ropes. With Ropes you can secure belongings, save a life, move a rock out of the road , tie off a bleeding limb and on and on and on.. So I'm saying The Eternal Booty Call . Thats All!

In Order to reach that Goal of having sex a couple of must haves should be in place so that my Sexuality has Room to Blossom, he;s got to be handsome, In his eyes and in mine, I like Gold Teeth, Chains, Tattoos, sitting on the dock of the pay, Dinar, toe Rings, mulitiple social media Accounts and silkDresses. So apply the content and truly peep what I'm saying to you Folk, I'm no Joke! Must be an Extreme Dream Catcher with O.C.GM. D. (obsessive compulsive getmoney desire) AND IS a numero uno TEAM PLAYER! A HATER SLAYER! If I must say so in lamens terms.

And I repeat for those of you who read my postings regulary and still wonder why I do not respond to you. PLEASE INCLUDE your Zodiac sign or signs if you r a cusp in the subject line. Attach or Embed your Pictures or introduction videos in your initial posting or else you will be ignored. I can state these requests because this is my posting for the Man who I want, not the one who thinks he will actually choose me. 

Now as far as the PHatPhantasy haters Go..why bother sending a reply, you know you want a big gurl in your life admit it first then rant and rave about what I said but be sure to include your pic and sign too. 
Now some of you reply wanting to know why I have not included a pic. This is because a picture allows you to draw a conclusion based on How I Look. NEED I say more, SOME OF YOU ARE HERE SIMPLY BASED ON THE SISTA ABOVES LUSCIOUS THIGHS... but I have better than that .. a website ALLABOUTME. JUST INQUIRE WITHIN...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How To: One Night Stand I

So lets Dig deep and talk About a How to do a One Night Stand...
Making LOVE to a BBW Style!
First and foremost before we begin this adventure let me ask one thing of the Faithful Readers...
now about this one night stand shyt...

In order to properly choose my target, I employ a number of various methods to attract the Man which I desire. I am a huge flirt and I enjoy a Quality Flirtation Session with a Complete Stranger from Time 2 Time to keep my creative juices flowing and to ensure that My Expression of my sexuality (see next article) remains intact and overloaded!
Some of these methods are as followed.
I Flirt on
I Flirt on
I Flirt on (pay subscription)
I Flirt on
I Flirt on Questchat 
and I flirt at the Grocery store, the Laundry Mat and at the Courthouse!
I'm just saying Don't Fuckin Judge me and I won't Fuckin Judge You!
.And I do All This Flirting To Find My Perfect One Night Stand!
A one night stand which will turn into an Eternity of Booty Calls
who will provide me with a 
 One night stand which Lasts Forever!
My Mutha Fuckin Boo!
that being said...
And this is just from personal experience as a BBW looking for a man who wants to know about Making love to a BBW, If you choose to employ any of these methods for Your Perfect One night stand, and require creative content for your personals ad, call me I got you!
Back 2 the subject at hand....
 As an applicant to Make Love to this BBW, I want to know if you are going to be able to sustain my Appetites, one of which I am very fond of...
I'll let ya'll stir on that one for awhile...
So I have attended many preliminary One Night Stands where I test their worthiness based on some key factors:
Conversational Savvy!
Raw Human Attractibility! (made that one up!)
Pure Supernatural Instinct &
 Fuck you Pay Me!
I'm just kidding...
But Really THAT is The Way You One Night Stand a Nigga!

In Order to get to that point they must meet a list of written requirements also. So I posted this on craigslist...
 your anonymous craigslist address will appear here 

Are u Different? If you are then maybe we can get along. I seek a Man who is Sure of his Dreams, Goals and Aspirations who can enjoy an extremely outgoing, vibrant people person who is always on the go. I enjoy working hard and playing even harder. I will Alwaz like to hit a good party, nightclub, event, concert or I can simply sit at the dock of the bay. I love to play! just kidding, but seriously...
Are U Different ? AABBW seeks LTR 

i am a well rounded, well traveled, woman who DOES NOT JUDGE, even though others judge me often. I am E-Artist and way into the Rap-Star lifestyle. I am a specialty Blog writer and so I relish a person who is intellectual as well as ruggedly sexy.
I've alwayz had an attraction to heavily tattooed bodies, gold teeth and Samson's Hair!

MEET N GREET when I Get Ready!
  • Location: Earth
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

So you kind of get a gist why I can have my choice of One Night Stand Opportunities. i'm just looking for One to go All The Way With.
What are you looking for in a One night stand?
In my next Article I will be posting some of the responses which I got from this posting!!!Stay Tuned and advertise your Business Here!

                                                              written by
An Alternate personality of GT!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is true Sexuality?

What is true Sexuality?

It totally Depends on How You TRULY FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF...( this one is for my Ladies)

Straight Up I could sit here all Night and Discuss with Our Male Readers who are wanting to learn about "MAKING LOVE TO A BBW" what they need to do to Honor You...But you have to Do it To Yourself First, 1st , 1st!

Know your own point of expression when it comes to your  True SEXUALITY.

    Before we begin lets define
FreeMode IRC : #urbandictionary
sexuality is just one of those things you are born with, you do not choose it, its just part of who you are, whether you be physically, emotionally & sexually attracted to males, females, or even both. 
only you can truly know your sexuality because no-one can feel the things you feel except yourself. 
some people think that if you are anything except heterosexual then you are abnormal or have a disease, but this is not so, people should except you for your sexuality whether that be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual
[sek-shoo-al-i-tee or, esp. British, seks-yoo-] Show IPA
sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.
recognition of or emphasis upon sexual matters.
involvement in sexual activity.
an organism's preparedness for engaging in sexual activity.

1790–1800; sexual + -ity

Now that I have tackled some technical views about sexuality Lets talk about it FOR REAL, FOR REAL...
Yourz, mine and Every Woman's Sexuality is Diverse. Just like we are!
 I cannot explain to you how to do your Hair in order to feel Sexy . Because that's where your Sex-uality (sexual personality or quality of ) comes into play. How are you wearing your hair today in Order to feel most comfortable with how you look and feel? 
That's True  Sexuality, looking, feeling and being  completely comfortable in Your Life All the time. 

The Expression of your True Sexuality is a whole different story and completely up to you! Personally I Like a Good Old Fashioned...Risque' Pic of My Self to REMIND ME CONSTANTLY MY True SEXUALITY and Expression of It!!

What will you do to Be Infatuated with You?