Saturday, August 10, 2013

He's Winking at Me because Im Sexy....

Hello Making Love to a BBW Worshippers.
 Let me tell you a story about a man winking at me and making me feel like I am the sexiest, walking,  talking,  grinning woman...
like so...

Keep in mind this is all about perception OF the Working Mind of a Fabulous BBW.
Let us begin.
 A couple of evenings ago...We (my companion and I, whom BTW is a brand Ambassador)...boarded the Train to The Arts Center. As we rushed onto the train, directly across from us to the left sitting facing us, there sat an Armani Coal Colored Fitted Suit, draped over a 6ftplus, Creamy Caramel Complected, Crisp Cut Man God...Whew! I mean this Young Black Man was a damn good example of Money Looks Good On You! back to my story...
  but before I do, let me tell you something BBW Lovers, Look Like You Want an Attention Catching Voluptous Vixen on Your Side! I mean Carry Yourself Well... and She Will Notice The Pride you Take in Loving You First!
Naturally, I must  compose myself, and remain calm because as I glance at him while trying not to look like I am starring him up and down, I have to realize ...I  am also traveling with my 5'9 Bombshell Black Barbie Doll Sista and most times on our travels, Next to her a savvy BBw like me is usuallly and almost always ignored. Sad but true, they sneak and watch you BBW...They like to stare at all the curves and crannies but will pretend not to, in public..ijs...

I mean seriously It takes MAGNIFICENT  CONFIDENCE and ELEVATED SELF LOVE to kick it with this sister. So my beautiful BBW's Im calling out to you... Stop hanging out with all the women who have low self esteem just to make you look better. Challenge your pride, Esteem and Beauty to a duel. Hang out with a Fine Ass Slender Chick and Then Be a BBW. Watch who shows up to make love to you... That being said.

I look up and all of a sudden this Man-God is on the phone talking and he starts winking at me in the middle of his conversation with out missing a beat. 
 so you know what a Bold Beautiful Woman like me does?....shyttt...
I wink Back!  
I grin real coylike
and look around to see who else he might be winking at

and I  thought...Hes actually winking at me first and not my promotional Model Lady friend. Which trust me BBW lovers is too rare. We are definately an aquired taste and thats what we need to know...
 Moving forward some more... So hes winking at me, and Im'trying to keep my kitty from purring and twisting my brains out (locs duh!)on the slick, pulling down my shirt, looking in my reflection across the way and checking to see if hes going to wink again. I AM FEELING REAL GOOD NOW ...
so I looking at him wink everytime I look at him, so forget the games Imma stare right at him and let him know I get the winking message...
Hey Boo, 
Im watchingYou...#flirtingcougarvoice 
 Say what.. then The harsh reality of the whole situation came to me. I looked directly at him and realized... 
 He Has 

      He has uncontrollable winks. And all this time 15 whole minutes I thought he was winking at me and his eyes where out of control.
I absolutely have to share this and let someone else tell me if this is really happening, so i bite the bullet and inform my model friend of the whole winking episode...Trust me...she just lost her mind with laughter after I explained to her how I reacted I invited her to look for herself..
      We Owe that brother and apoligy we laughed so hard. But if he only knew that In My Mind He Was Winking at me

suddle conclusion and ebonitorical synopsis :
         The sad part is that in order to start the process of truly making Love to a BBW, you have to remember the little things. Wink at a BBW Sometimes, even if its a side effect of Tourette Syndrome . It matters and makes a BBW like me feel Like a Queen. The laughter equaled the Love
 So this is dedicated To The fine ass Brother with Tourettes who winks uncontrollably at BBWS
 Thank for making Love to a BBW at that very moment.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Simple Solution to a Simple Situation

Long Time No Love in Your Direction all because of a Temporary Erection...Making Love to a BBW clearly requires more than  a Physical Reaction!

WE CHOOSE ALWAYS... which is the moral of this story

Today I want a specific Situation to Manifest. In Honor of all BBW Lovers we must ask for exactly what we want! Dont play no games just BE WHO YOU ARE AND IT WILL WORK itself out...
Requires High Speed Access in an Environment condusive to Spiritual Enlightenment, Creative Forces, and My wish as YOUR Command...
A selection of fine beverages and quality Greenery as a backdrop would set me on Fire! Sagi-Corn Season! AND mY pROMOTIONAL mODEL WANTS ONE 2!

that being said about Making Love to a BBW...All About Me? How do you live?

33.9525 N, 84.5500 W