Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What We Want Now...

Happy Lovely Day  To All of The BBW Lovers in the World!

According to emails you are Really Curious about How to begin showing your BBW that She is Your All. The Truth is that regardless of her Dress Make Body and Style ...EVERY WOMAN WANTS...
Now we all know that Shiny Pretty Things can be Diamond Rings, Emerald Bracelets or Gold Necklaces. (see Trinidad James). Keep in mind, there is a process to this. You can't just randomly go out and pick a piece of Jewelry. You have to pay close attention to detail or else you will waste Money on A piece of Bling that she will never wear. And that would be Tragic and you would look even more NOT WORTHY of Her Love! And we know this is not what You Want. 

So here are some guidelines to picking out the perfect Shiny Pretty Thing for your Queen.
(trust me , you want to read these)

1. Watch her Color palette. See what colors she accents with. If you never see her wear red, just a           hint..do not get RUBIES

2. See what accessories she wears most often. If she never has on a Toe ring, don't get one UNLESS, you have a FOOT FETISH and you Love her Feet then GoForIT!
personally, a good Attention Getter and Show Stopper is a Very Vivid yet Classic Pearl  Bracelet.
3. Watch they way she Moves. this is a very important step that sadly to say is overlooked, because anyway a BBW Moves will drive a BBW Lover Crazy! Let me explain this one in Detail.

If Your BBW enjoys Slam dancing to Seven Dust in a Crowd of 5000 people, you may consider pieces a bit more sturdy and Edgy for example...even though I'm not an affiliate but these pieces might just work for her.

4.And to keep this short I'm will finish off with frequency. If Your BBW wears jewelry everyday, then she will require a constant flow of jewelry to her collection. So you may be better off just getting her a BAD Ass Mirrored Jewelry Box and constantly work on filling it!
and then its all Happy BBW from there, but we will get back to what it really, really,really takes to Make Love to a BBW.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mask should Be Removed...

The Mask should be removed immediately!
 Good Morning Those who are in the process of
Making Love to a BBW
You Are Appeciated!

Todays little early morning tidbit is inspired by Avon, MaryKay, JamBerry Nails and Me.
 All of these products contribute to the looks which have fascinated some of you who consistently follow me on facebook, tagged, or  linkedin, But what does this have to do with Making Love to a BBW?
I will tell you...

We put hours of effort into Loving Ourselves. Up at 5am put on the facemask made from oatmeal and almond, leave it on for an hour, wash it off, exfoliate blablablah

So if you think for a moment Being the BBW you want to Make Love to is Easy . No It Is NOT!
BBW has to be perfect all the Time because you are already sizing her up when she walks into the room.

That being said...
               ACKNOWLEDGE HER EVEN IF YOU SEE HER 5AM just waking up NATURAL!
  and SAY...

Love, $$$, and Flowers...Simple, Right?

This one is Specifically for those who Strive to truly Make Love to a BBW..

Lets eliminate the Physical aspects of this Right Away.
Its Simple..Whether you are a Man or Woman who has an affinity to the BBW we already know you prefer the comforts of plush living...

So what comes next when attempting to Make Love to a BBW?
Let me answer that in the simplest way possible...LOVE
let me do that again..
and One More Time
I could sit here all day long and explain in many words what Making Love to a BBW is about. But that would be an unnessesary waste of valuable Internet Space. That You could be advertising your business on. Instead I say simply this. If You Love a Thing Make it Bling!

Which Leads me to $$$
I repeat $$$
 and Finally $$$
How do you know when a Man loves his car? Its got all shiny wheel  packages (like the cars In Nigeria)  How do you know when a Man Loves his Moma? She's got the Biggest Hat in Service and can't wait to tell all the single sisters that her son brought it!

So why should your Love for Your BBW Be any different! Give her everything She Needs to Shine No matter what her Status IS. If she choose to allow you to be in her presence, Show your Appreciation!

Which brings us to our Final Want...


AND FOR THE RECORD...please NEVER SAY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO STAND UP IN MY BIG OLE THANG! OMG! that was the give it to me line from a FULTON COUNTY NATIVE! chucklechucklechucklechuckle

Monday, April 22, 2013

She Should be Ashamed of Herself...

She Should Be Ashamed ...

 I know I am not the only one who has heard the BBW Hater in the Club whispering to her other anorexic friends as a Voluptous Vixen Walks by Flaunting all of her Curvy assets, She Should not have that on , showing all that..
Really? But its ok for those size A Barely Boobs to be Peeping over your V-neck Shirt.
For Once We all need to recognize that Diversity in our Figures is Where its at.
I remember when I was a size 12 and women with Ample assets used to come around me, showing off their goods and I was in AWE of all their Wonderfulness. Because I tell you what , It takes a lot more GUTS to wear a tube top in a size FFF than it does in a B cup and FYI, it costs way more to PURCHASE that particular Tube top in Our Sizes.

 The point is this, If you are a BBW Lover, and you see a Confident, Curvy Goddess, TELL her! Trust me she already Knows it but , for that one Compliment you give she has been victim to 10 times the stares, sucking teeth and jealous hisses. It will make her DAY! Even if you are attached to a skinny woman don't be scared to say it. Besides if your woman is a size 10 you couldn't handle a size 20 anyways. LOVE A BBW RIGHT, PURCHASE HER SOME LINGERIE TONIGHT. and have her COOK YOU SOME FRIED CHICKEN in IT!

Attention Business Owners,
 If you Own a Clothing Line or retail establishment specifically geared towards BBW and Their Lovers, Contact phatphantasy1@gmail for indefinite advertisement on this site!

Monday, April 1, 2013