Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love, $$$, and Flowers...Simple, Right?

This one is Specifically for those who Strive to truly Make Love to a BBW..

Lets eliminate the Physical aspects of this Right Away.
Its Simple..Whether you are a Man or Woman who has an affinity to the BBW we already know you prefer the comforts of plush living...

So what comes next when attempting to Make Love to a BBW?
Let me answer that in the simplest way possible...LOVE
let me do that again..
and One More Time
I could sit here all day long and explain in many words what Making Love to a BBW is about. But that would be an unnessesary waste of valuable Internet Space. That You could be advertising your business on. Instead I say simply this. If You Love a Thing Make it Bling!

Which Leads me to $$$
I repeat $$$
 and Finally $$$
How do you know when a Man loves his car? Its got all shiny wheel  packages (like the cars In Nigeria)  How do you know when a Man Loves his Moma? She's got the Biggest Hat in Service and can't wait to tell all the single sisters that her son brought it!

So why should your Love for Your BBW Be any different! Give her everything She Needs to Shine No matter what her Status IS. If she choose to allow you to be in her presence, Show your Appreciation!

Which brings us to our Final Want...


AND FOR THE RECORD...please NEVER SAY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO STAND UP IN MY BIG OLE THANG! OMG! that was the give it to me line from a FULTON COUNTY NATIVE! chucklechucklechucklechuckle

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