Saturday, March 28, 2015

I submit to you...

 Do you know how good it will sound to hear me tell you that I Submit to you? If you don't we should definitely work on you hearing that roll off my tongue.  Initially when I decided to lay it down and be controlled a bit I was uncomfortable because I felt that all I had battled for as an independent woman would be lost when I allowed a man to take my body as his possession. I battled within my own soul to understand that I enjoyed when he would move me in ways that were pleasing to him. let me explain...

 While living life as a BBW has its perks like, Men tend to think that we are more aggressive and not willing to relinquish control. So they are less likely to approach us if the are the woman beating type for fear that we may fight them back until they are finished off  or they believe that We the BBW's  want to be the dominant force in the bedroom. Why is that? If I wanted to be the DOM , Id put on a ball cap some jeans , chew tobacco and connect a strap on and find me a sexy ass LIPSTICK FEM and control her. but since Im not into women at all, Im a D$ck Chick! I would much rather like to feel and experience the pure strength of a man letting me know with his every move that I belong to him. Every inch of my body is here and there for his ultimate pleasure. I  am not at all attracted to soft emotional men who want me to push them around or rough them up. Please make me your catalyst for ultimate satisfaction. And this is the attraction to Being a Submissive. Its a choice I happily make given the right ALPHA MALE IN MY LIFE LETTING ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN.
THAT BEING STATED... I actually forgot why I was writing this posting to begin with because I got all caught up looking at my legs and turned my damn self on. So You must be there at this moment AND YOU want to grab some twine and tie my arms to a pole or something like that. but my point was this. MY SUBMISSION IS A CHOICE and I deserve a DOMINANT ALPHA FORCE WHO IS CAPABLE OF TAMING THIS "thoroughbred bluegrass WILDCAT!"



  1. Hi there my Queen! Im awaiting u with open arms to love,hold,and cherish every in of u my Queen! Have a Gdn my Queen! :-) :-*

  2. Dis my Queen alternative email!